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New Properties

Steps in the purchase process

We can sum up the normal procedure for purchasing a new property in three stages:
  1. Before signing the contract: the signing of the reservation document and the handing of a signal. Before the contract is issued we will have to investigate the title to the land, make the necessary searches, and ensure the terms of the contract are agreeable.
  2. Signing of the private contract with the seller: in the meantime you will be expected to make advanced payments until receiving the keys. In case you cannot be physically present at the moment of signing the contract you can give your lawyer a general Power of Attorney, to sign on your behalf.
  3. Completion: signature of the title deeds, paying of the final amount. On the day of completion, you should attend the Public Notary’s Office to sign the transfer of ownership deed. Once the legal formalities are attended to and completion takes place, the keys to the property can then be released.

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