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Other services

At SpainSolicitor you will find trained English speaking professionals whose are accustomed to dealing with foreign residents in Spain and their associated legal needs. Other legal services you may require during your stay in our country are:

Separation / Divorce

Separation between a couple may be de facto separation (the spouses decide to live separate and apart from each other, although they are still married); and judicial separation which may be by mutual agreement or a litigious one.

Divorce is legally established in Spain since 1981. Foreigners who have been married in other countries can, if one of the parties is now resident in Spain, obtain a divorce here that will be recognised in their home country.

According to the last Civil Code reform, there is no need to ask for the legal separation, you can even ask for the divorce directly. The only requirement is that the spouses should have been married for three months, and divorce may be by mutual agreement or litigious one.


Are you interested in avoiding time-consuming and expensive legal problems for your heirs? In SpainSolicitor we can provide you with all the guarantees after studying your requirements case and preparing for you a separate will for disposing of your assets located in our country.


We can provide you with full legal assistance, preparing and drawing up any contract you require, according to your needs. Any transaction, deposit, rental, loan, etc you would like to regulate you only have to contact our lawyer′s office and you will receive have high quality legal advice.

Car Accidents

If you are involved in a traffic accident whilst in Spain, causing personal and material damage, you must know you can claim from your insurance company. Needless to say you are not obliged to accept the minimum compensation offered by your insurer. At SpainSolicitor, experts in accident compensation claims for accident compensation will provide you with a complete legal assistance from the very moment of the accident.

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